For a long quarter century, citizen of Prague were waiting for construction of the swimming complex Šutka. However, waiting paid off. Today, the Aquacentre Šutka boast the latest technologies making it one of the most modern swimming complexes in Central Europe.

Such facility was lacking for years not only in Prague 8 but in the whole northern part of Prague. Today, the Aquacentre Šutka offers its visitors not only the fifty-metre indoor swimming pool, but also 2 saunas, 2 steam baths, a whirlpool, a wild river, 2 water chutes, a waterfall, a relaxation pool, a wading pool and outdoor cooling pools as well as a water bar with refreshments.


The construction was commenced towards the end of 1987 with the expected completion in 1994. The construction was gradually slowing down due to reduction of financial resources; in January 1993, the construction had to be stopped altogether. Further progress was then completely blocked by a raised restitution claim.


In October 1995, a public contract was announced that was won by IPS, a.s. A contract for work was concluded with this company, with the deadline for execution 31st July 1997.


In 1996, the investor commissioned a study focused on update of the Šutka complex construction design. This led to a design for construction of an indoor aquacentre with year-round operation instead of the originally planned 25-metre outdoor swimming pool. Due to the raised restitution claim concerning the whole original land, the construction was temporarily stopped in May 1996.

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In 2001, the restitution claims were finally resolved and all lands became the property of the Capital City of Prague.


In 2007, a selection procedure was announced for the general designer for completion of the swimming complex Šutka. In 2008, design work was ordered.


In September 2010, construction works were started for completion of the complex, with the deadline for completion 2nd November 2011.


Throughout the history of the construction of the swimming complex Šutka, several attempts were made to sell the unfinished complex. The first attempts were made in 1993/1994, afterwards in 2001/2002 and in 2005. Presentation of this unfinished project at the real estate fair in Cannes, France, also failed to bring positive result. Currently, the complex is managed by the municipal joint stock company TRADE CENTRE PRAHA, a. s., which has many years of experience with management of real estate assets of the Capital City of Prague. The construction was completed in November 2011.

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On 13th December 2012, trial operation was started during which particularly the water quality and functioning of the equipment and facilities of this large complex were monitored. All suggestions and opinions of visitors to the Aquacentre Šutka were also monitored.


The festive opening of the Aquacentre Šutka took place on 17th January 2013. The complex was opened during the ribbon-cutting ceremony by representatives of the Capital City of Prague, the municipal district of Prague 8 and the operator, TRADE CENTRE PRAHA, a. s. The rich programme included a race of disabled athletes who were the first to try the new fifty-metre swimming pool and the whole complex that is completely barrier-free. The festive opening also included performance by the young singer David Dejl. The whole day was presented by the famous sportsman Aleš Valenta.