Water Polo Sparta Praha

Water polo is playful, exciting and strategic team sport which brings a wide range of exciting experiences to young athletes which a team sport naturally gives during team play. It is a sport connect characteristics of ice hockey (engagement, wrestling, one-on-one contact), basketball (ball handling skills, rules and positioning), and handball (fast paced switching between attacking and defending, tactics). 


We are happy to welcome all those interested boys or girls in the age 8 - 15 with desire to learn how to swim well, but also experienced or former swimmers who would like to try this un ball game. Our club has trained and highly experienced coaches who are also active or former water polo players. The cohort of coaches has years of thorough experience as water polo coaches with various age groups ranging from mini-polo to juniors and cadets. 


Our goal is for children to build a lifelong relationship not only to this beautiful sport but to the sporting lifestyle of an athlete in general. We pay attention to all-round athletic strengths development of our members, therefore, we enrich water polo training with extra fitness classes. We apply the principles of functional and healthy movement during training and implement them mainly in developing young athletes.