Visitor Rules of Saunas


For hygienic reasons, only bed sheets of the Aquacentre Šutka are allowed in the wellness area for the fee of 30 CZK.

  1. Only healthy persons may enter the sauna. The sauna cannot be visited by persons who suffer from any disease that might endanger their health when using the sauna or that might endanger the health of other visitors in the sauna (even upper respiratory system disease). These are particularly persons suffering from fever, cough, eye inflammations, contagious or repugnant diseases, bug-infested persons or persons with bandages. The sauna cannot be used also by carriers of intestinal or other contagious diseases.
  2. Do not use the sauna with full stomach or when you are hungry. Do not use the sauna immediately after great physical exertion.
  3. Before entering the sauna, visitors have to take off their swimwear (using sauna in swimwear is not hygienic, it can cause rash or dampness of skin), wash themselves thoroughly with soap and take a shower. During the stay in the sauna, visitors are naked (barefoot).
  4. Once in the sauna, sit comfortably or, even better, lie down. Try to have your legs at the same height as your body so that the whole body is exposed to approximately the same temperature.
  5. When sitting or lying, put the bed sheet under your body.
  6. Wait until you properly sweat (10 to 20 minutes, depending on each person), breathe through your nose.
  7. The subsequent cooling down is done under the shower or in the cooling pool. Prior to entering the cooling pool, take a shower so as to get rid of sweat. Only then use the cooling pool – for 2 to 3 minutes at the maximum.
  8. After cooling down, you can have a rest or make immediately another repetition. The warming and cooling cycle is usually performed three times. The process has to be adapted to the individual feelings and current health condition of each person. Persons with the circulatory system disorders have to consult their doctor concerning using the sauna.
  9. After using the sauna for the last time, have a significantly longer rest (ideally 20 minutes).
  10. Each visitor is obliged to maintain cleanliness, order and the basic hygiene in the sauna and to comply with the sauna operating staff instructions. It is forbidden to carry other items to the sauna (bathing caps, shoes, plastic items, etc.).
  11. It is forbidden to pour water on the sauna stove and to use aromatic substances in the sauna (possible allergy of other visitors).
  12. Each visitor is obliged to maintain a calm demeanor and not to bother other visitors with his/her behaviour.
  13. In the event of injury or sickness, it is necessary to call the sauna operating staff and to provide the first aid.
  14. Each visitor is obliged to unconditionally obey the instructions of the sauna operating staff concerning operation of the facility. In case of disobeyance, the sauna operating staff is entitled to order such visitor out of the sauna.
  15. Be sure to supply your body with high-quality fluids – mineral water, fruit juices – to make up for water, minerals, salt and vitamin C lost by sweating.